Root Android Phone Without Computer | Complete Method

Rooting is a way to unlock lots of hidden features of your Android phone. You’re able to root an Android phone by using a PC, or you can achieve this together with the support of any third party one-click Root apps. The android community doesn’t like the Click Root procedure because One Click Root Apps may brick your Android phone.

Rooting an Android gadget using a PC seems like an intricate process to many of us, but there is certainly just another way. So, as opposed to going through all those lengthy procedures of USB debugging through a personal computer, you’re able to root it using an app! You need an app that does pretty much everything for you, and such programs are called One-Click Root programs. With the help of these programs, you can root Android mobile without a PC.

To root an Android device is always to unleash a treasure of not known features and functions eventually. When you embed an Android device, it might let you access some of the most excellent features you’re devoid of in an unrooted machine. You can install and use programs explicitly built for rooted phones; you can use custom made ROMs, uninstall pre-installed programs, and what not! So, for this reason, everyone wishes to use rooting their apparatus. Therefore let us start our step by step tutorial of how to root an android phone. Within this tutorial, we’ll first understand Rooting’s benefits, which are the benefits of Rooting, and we will deep dip to the following steps that are followed to set up the Root on your Android mobile without a computer.

Root Android Phone Without Computer | Complete Method

Pros and Cons of rooting Android phone

Before starting the topic on just how best to root an android phone, first, you must know the benefits and consequences of rooting Android mobiles.


By Rooting an Android phone, you can access every in and outside of your smartphone. You’re able to customize and tweak your smartphone as far as you can. Like, you might flash official and unofficial custom ROM for the phone. Your phone gets to block ads that bother you every time. You can flash minor subtle features like adding gesture control and assigning different functions for the physical buttons.

You might also overclock your mobile for better raw efficiency, and even some mobiles like the Redmi K20 has a mod to get overclocking the screen Refresh Rate upto 81Hz.

You’ve got entry to uninstall undesirable pre-installed programs from the phone manufacturers such as Xiaomi, Realme and Vivo smartphone users face such issues with a frozen phone. With a frozen telephone, you can even entirely block system broad advertisements from the smartphone.

A frozen phone can install a few exceptional apps that a non-rooted phone cannot install. Utilizing these apps, you have more control over mobile customization and tons of improvement and valuable capabilities. With all the features, rooting also offers a significant drawback.


The most significant drawback of rooting it voids your warranty. Rooting also makes your smartphone more prone to hackers; improper emptying of custom ROMs may ultimately result in hard-brick or soft-brick your smartphone. Rooting could create your telephone unusable for OTA, and it may make your phone behave responsibly.

There is a danger of viruses while custom ROM was flashing (as most of them root for this particular purpose). After you put in habit ROMs from surprisingly low reputated web sites, your phone gets more likely to viruses, viruses, spyware, and malicious softwares.

By rooting your Android smartphone, you will become unqualified for security and system updates from the smartphone vendors, which means your phone will no longer be eligible for accessing updates (Many will probably oppose the statement as a frozen phone gets OTA updates). However, you won’t get it only when a bootloader or custom retrieval is already installed.

However, to root your phone, you want a customized recovery software. To install a custom recovery, you will need to unlock the boot loader. Thus the statement is correct.

Here are some Things to Remember before you root Android Device:

  • Battery power Ought to Be minimal 50%-70%
  • You Have to enable developer mode as follows Settings -> About device -> Click Many occasions on build number.
  • Internet connection Is Essential.
  • You Have to change your device placing to allow set up from unknown resources.
  • Have a copy of all your information

#Method 1

If you don’t have access to your PC for some cause, then don’t worry; you may still root your android apparatus with the help of an APK file that may side-load root script into your system folder. Various apps could do this, but we shall be using Baidu Root Apk within this procedure.

Rooting Phone Without Computer

  • Download Baidu-root. Apk from here.
  • Go into settings > security and enable unknown sources.
  • Open the file manager app on your device and put it in the apk file.
  • Open the program and also accept the license agreement.
  • Click the root button, which is found during the screen.
  • After some seconds, you will get the rooted message.
  • Install a root checker program and check the main privileges.

#Method 2

1. The first thing you want to do is install the Magisk Manager and zip document and make sure both are from the internal storage.

2. Today you require a custom made recovery program for flashing the zip file into your mobile, and you can opt for TWRP custom recovery.

3. From the TWRP App, click “Select device”, then seek out the device. After selecting your device, download the most current TWRP image for the smartphone and save the file in storage.

4. Now go onto the program’s Homepage and then click on”choose a document to flash” and then select the downloaded image file and then flash it from your device by clicking the”Display to recovery” button.

5. For installing the Magisk zip file in your phone, you want your phone to a recovery manner; achieving this could differ across different phones, ex: Xiaomi mobiles can be flashed to recovery mode by simply pressing the energy +VolumeUp button simultaneously.

6. Now you’ll be redirected into the custom recovery applications that you have got installed (we have been utilizing TWRP here). As a way to flash the Magisk zip file, you also have to click the”Setup “, then search for the Magisk zip file that is in your internal storage, and then click”install image.

Rooting Phone Without Computer


7. When you are done with flashing, click on the”Reboot System” button. Now you are ready to go.

8.¬†After up the boot, you want to install the Magisk Manager App from the link, be sure “Install from unknown sources” is allowed on your mobile; to do this, head onto Settings > search > not known sources, transform it on, and then install the app.

9. After installation, you may check up using Magisk Manager, and you can now see that your mobile is rooted over the Magisk status webpage. Hope you enjoyed the incremental guide on the best way to root Android phone manually without PC.

#Method 3:- Framroot

Framaroot is an android rooting application that lets users root their device with one click. It might root virtually every apparatus in a single click without the utilization of a PC.

  • Download that the apk-file into your phone and put it in it.
  • Choose that the Exploit out of the list acceptable for the device and click root. If you’re not sure of the tap suitable for your device, assess one. This will reveal to you a thriving message. It’s usually the sole suitable for your apparatus.
  • It is that easy. Your apparatus will soon begin rooting.

#Method 4:- Vroot

Vroot is a one click Android rooting application manufactured in china. It’s best obtained with Chinese mobiles. It helps the user to root on up their gadget with a click.

  • Down load the most recent edition with the apk and set it up in your device.
  • Backup your entire data before rooting.
  • Click the Main. It’ll root the apparatus today.
  • When it locates rooting your apparatus hard, then it’s going to boot into fast boot style to keep on rooting your device.
  • After the conclusion of rooting, you have to restart the gadget. It installs some programs on your mobile phone. You will always keep with them, or you could uninstall them at any moment if you need never to make use of their help.


A Rooted devices will provide you with a few superuser features that a typical user can’t obtain. This is the reason why a lot of people wants to root their phone. I hope this blog post will help one root your device.

Should you found that helpful, then talk about it with friends and family who want to root their mobiles. Also, should you will need some assistance, then connect through the comment section below.

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